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Who We Are

OnSports is a bridge between athletes and corporate. Our passion lies in developing athlete brands into a long term revenue stream. We work with talents to generate marketing euros that most don’t realize possible.

At OnSports we value our relationships and work tirelessly to establish our clients’ brand.

We love sport. We know how it inspires passion, influences change, engages fans and wins business. And we know how to use it effectively as a powerful business tool.


Let you drive by people pursuing the extraordinary. We what we do!

We are talented

Working with us means that you’ll meet the people who actually do the work and our team understands what breeds great athletes and brands: engagement, cultural relevance, authenticity and adaptability.

Our formula to dominate the competition is: hard work, hands-on personal attention, resourcefulness and an unparalleled determination to succeed for our clients no matter how daunting the task. 

Together we’ve built an agency that we’re proud of and it’s our mission to continue to be a team that really cares about delivering brilliant work, and the best possible experience, to each and every one of our clients. 

We guide our clients step-by-step, but treat their challenges as unique.  

We are innovative

OnSports is a full-service marketing firm that specializes in brand and athlete representation. We help provide professional athletes,  youth prospects and brands with unparalleled representation for partnerships; delivering monumental campaigns that yield tremendous ROI to brands, and compensation to athletes. 

At OnSports, we are not sports agents, we are marketers looking to bridge elite athletes and young talents and the best brands to drive successful campaigns.

We are evolving

With our original footprint beginning in the marketing, advertising and graphic space,OnSports has developed unique brand relationships that drive exponential revenue to our athletes through endorsements, memorabilia, web/eCommerce, and much more. In return, our corporate relationships receive innovative marketing campaigns that help grow their footprint and consumer retention. 

OnSports prides itself on our ability to produce for both the brand, and the client which is the reason we work with some of the most elite talent and brands.

Business Data Analyst
Alberto Favarò

Alberto focuses on all aspects of software development and measurement. As a Business Data Analyst, he’s a bit like a human search engine able to orient itself among millions of data concerning a business system, to identify and show in a simple and effective way the data useful to solve a problem or to make more intuitive a decision apparently complex. He knows how to use specific tools to analyze data, use insights collected to guide your strategies, present data analysis to stakeholders through data visualization criteria and the use of dashboards, and take strategic decisions for growth.

He’s also the co-founder of Boostloop, a boutique growth hacking marketing agency based in Milan. A Vasco Rossi superfan, Alberto can easily make new friends at concerts he then meets up again at the next tour. In his time off enjoys testing out the latest craft beer with his friends at barbecue parties. Bodybuilding and fitness enthusiast, he’s a supporter and fan of Palermo Calcio and a feisty padel tennis player. He believes to be a MasterChef and makes is own homemade dried fruit.

Business Development Manager
Manolo Marchesiello

Manolo’s story is one of a kind. In 1997, he moved from Cagliari to London where he spent his early 20s. With strong analytical skills, critical thinking, pragmatic problem solving oriented and an extensive background in the finance and banking industry, he manages the agency’s business development. Naturally curious to explore and learn new things, for him life is a continuous journey. He believes that a job should be a passion and any passion can turn into a job! No matter how wanky that sounds, even to his own ears. No matter what challenges he has to face. Passionate about new technologies, after turning 40 was highly motivated to scramble his life. So he went back to school and proudly gained a Master in Growth Hacking Marketing.

He’s also the co-founder of Boostloop, a boutique growth hacking marketing agency based in Milan. Former competitive swimmer, motorbikes are his great passion. He loves riding his Triumph and watching MotoGP and SBK races. He’s still looking for the best New York cheesecake recipe.

Brand Manager
Matteo Sciascia

Matteo is responsible for overseeing all design projects and ensures that the end-product delivers on all aspects of a client’s design brief. His expertise is in leading concept development, client collaboration, managing the work of the design team, and committing his own design to all projects.  Luna Rossa’s Head of Graphic Design for the next 36th America’s Cup, he created and led projects related to the Digital PR, Graphic & Web Design, Adv for clients as Algida, Altromercato, Barilla, Brooksfield, Dirk Bikkembergs, Ducati Corse, Fabiana Filippi, Ferrari, FIAT, Gucci, Italia Independent, Jeep, Lamborghini, Lottomatica, Maserati, McArthur Glen, Philips, Piquadro, Reebok, Roberto Cavalli, Sergio Tacchini, Stolichnaya, Trussardi, Unilever and many others. He developed his art direction skills sets through his work experience in Triboo, Kettydo+, Sevenlike, some of the most important digital agencies in Milan. Matteo ran projects as Digital PR Manager collaborating with some of the most influencing italian bloggers and artists.  Former talented goalkeeper, he’s also co-founder of Cronache di Spogliatoio, a reference website in Italy, with a strong following among passionates, that reports up-close the experiences lived in Italian football league. In his spare time works on projects to contribute to territorial development. Passionate about interior designing.

PR & Communication Manager
Luca Lovelli

Luca guides all aspects of media strategy development, building concepts and directing the execution of innovative work across digital, social, and print media. He gained experience and developed his skills as a Social Media Manager working on behalf of The Big Now, one of the top communication agencies with the most successful campaigns for brands such as Fox and Crodino, and Wyscout, the global leader in scouting and talent identification for football clubs and national teams. Sports lover, TV host and talented journalist for La Stampa, he will fly to Tokyo to witness live the 2020 Summer Olympics major happenings. He’s also the founder and Director of Azzurri di Gloria, Italy’s important Olympic and Paralympic Games website, and co-founder and Content Editor of Problemi di Volley, Italy’s greatest volleyball community. Luca is also interested in politics scene. Electric guitarist, you might listen to him playing live at local music festivals with Gabriele and their band MagnoliaMaè. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, travelling and playing volleyball. I mean, who’d have thought it?

PR & Communication Manager
Tommaso Dotta

Tommy specializes in building communities that generate leads through compelling and remarkable content. Talented journalist for Il Secolo XIX, historical Italian newspaper published in Genoa, he developed a deep love for volleyball from an early age. Indoor, beach and snow volleyball, wherever there are players using their hands to bat a ball back and forth over a high net, he’s always there. He just loves the joy he gets from this sport. Former defensive player, today coach, he knows perfectly volleyball is all about teamwork and always trusting your teammates to do their best with every ball that comes their way. He also knows the importance of being the best at anticipating plays. During university, he had the (mis)fortune to meet Luca. They are the mind behind Problemi di Volley, today Italy’s greatest volleyball community. A place where you can share, with passion and irony, the joys and sorrows of this sport. Outside of work, Tommy’s probably on a road trip with Luca talking about… volleyball problems, of course. Or chilling out with friends at concerts. Can eat an entire 18″ pizza to himself.